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South Carolina's Brieana Delgado finishes 2nd at Bill Farrell Memorial

Conder, Valles, Campbell, Laurent win women’s titles for the USA at the Bill Farrell Memorial


Whitney Conder puts Cody Pfau in danger in the 50 kg finals at the Bill Farrell Memorial in New York City. Photo by Julieta Okot.

VIDEO: Bill Farrell Memorial International interviews

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Four U.S. women came home with gold medals at the Bill Farrell Memorial International at the New York Athletic Club on Saturday afternoon.

Claiming titles for Team USA were Whitney Conder of the U.S. Army at 50 kg, Arelys Valles of the University of the Cumberlands at 53 kg, 2012 Olympian Kelsey Campbell of the Sunkist Kids at 59 kg and high school sensation Jayden Laurent of the Musky WC at 65 kg.

Conder, a three-time World Team member, opened up her offense to defeat three-time WCWA national champion Cody Pfau of the Titan Mercury WC by a 12-2 technical fall in the finals. Pfau won the U23 World Team Trials last weekend.

“I just went in there, trying to work the techniques I have been working on, keep moving and keep wrestling throughout any position I was put into. My coaches have been telling us to not stop wrestling, just keep wrestling in any position no matter what. I just tried to wrestle through every position,” said Conder.

Valles scored some key turns and came on strong late, on the way to a 10-7 win over Kailyn Ramos of the Aires WC in her finals bout.

“At first I was wrestling really slow. Once I got that single in, I felt good after that. I just kept turning her from the break. It was real good at the end. It feels great. This is my first international medal,” said Valles.

Campbell won a four-athlete roundrobin with a 3-0 record. Her final victory was over the silver medalist, Lauren Louive of the NYAC/Hawkeye WC, by a 3-0 margin.

“I feel like my whole mindset is different this year than in seasons past. I am really enjoying my time. I am not really thinking about the outcome. It is a different kind of pressure now. I want to improve. It is more important to me to enjoy what I am doing and continue to get better. That is what I am bringing into each match,” said Campbell.

Laurent broke a 1-1 tie with a go-behind takedown in the final few seconds to defeat 2016 Junior World bronze medalist Alexis Porter of the NYAC, 3-2 in the finals. Laurent, a high school senior, was second at last week’s U23 World Team Trials, and now has won her first Senior-level international gold medal.

“I didn’t start out too good, but I kept working my stuff and stayed positive and pushed through. I knew I didn’t want to win a 1-1 match. I wanted to be ahead, obviously. I kept staying in position and she made a shot, I recovered and got behind,” said Laurent.

The other five weight classes were won by international competitors. Four of the five gold medals not won by the USA went to Pan American rivals, as Peru and Brazil both had a pair of champions.

The international champions this year were Otgonjargal Ganbaatar of Mongolia at 55 kg, Giulia Rodrigues of Brazil at 57 kg, Lais Nunes de Oliveria of Brazil at 62 kg, Janet Sourcro Niah of Peru at 68 kg and Dena Zuisa V Cruz Arroyo of Peru at 72 kg.

The women’s finals were held alongside the Greco-Roman tournament. All of the matches were broadcast live and archived by Flowrestling. Men’s freestyle concludes the event on Saturday.

At New York, N.Y., March 30

Women’s freestyle results 

50 kg 
1st - Whitney Conder (U.S. Army) tech. fall Cody Pfau (TMWC), 12-2, 1:46
3rd - Amy Fearnside (TMWC) tech. fall Alleida Martinez (TMWC), 14-2 3:52

53 kg 
1st - Arelys Valles Fernandez (University of the Cumberlands) dec. Kailyn Ramos (Aries Wrestling Club), 10-7

55 kg 
1st – Otgonjargal Ganbaatar (Mongolia)
2nd - Samantha Klingel (U.S. Army)
3rd - Ronna Heaton (Sunkist Kids)
RR – Ganbaatar tech. fall Klingel, 12-2; Ganbaatar tech. fall Heaton, 10-0; Klingel dec. Heaton, 4-0

57 kg 
1st - Giulia Rodrigues (Brazil) dec. Brieana Delgado (Aries Wrestling Club), 10-4
3rd - Jacarra Winchester Marshall, MO (TMWC) VSU Michela Beck (NYAC), 10-0 2:05

59 kg
1st - Kelsey Campbell (Sunkist Kids)
2nd - Lauren Louive (Nyac/HWC)
3rd - Megan Black (TMWC)
4th - Marizza Birrueta (LWC)
RR1 – Louive dec. Black, 12-4, Campbell dec. Birrueta, 7-0
RR2 – Campbell dec. Black, 5-0, Louive tech. Birrueta, 15-5
RR3 – Black dec. Birrueta, 6-6, Campbell dec. Louive, 3-0

62 kg 
1st - Lais Nunes de Oliveria (Brazil) pin Alexandria Liles (Best Trained Texas), 0:55
3rd - Brianna Csontos (TMWC) VFA Sydney Freund (Aries Wrestling Club), 4-0 0:55

65 kg 
1st - Jayden Laurent (Musky Wrestling Club) dec. Alexis Porter (NYAC), 3-1
3rd - Cara Broadus Plymouth, CT (Connecticut/KT Kidz) VSU1 Cierra Foster Oklahoma City, OK (Aries Wrestling Club), 16-6 4:09

68 kg
1st - Janet Sourcro Niah (Peru)
2nd - Kayla Marano (LWC)
3rd - Skylar Grote (Brock University)
RR – Niah tech. Marano, 11-0, Marano tech. fall Grote, 11-0, Niah tech. fall Grote, 12-0

72 kg
1st - Dena Zuisa V Cruz Arroyo (Peru)
2nd - Rachael Watters (Nyac/ocu)
3rd - Alexandria Glaude (TMWC)
4th - Hannah Gladden (LWC)
RR – Watters dec. Gladden, 8-3; Glaude dec. Gladden, 2-2, Cruz dec. Watters, 5-2, Glaude tech. fall Cruz, 12-1; Cruz pin Gladden, 3:55; Watters tech. fall Glaude, 11-0

2018 SC-USA Wrestling Schedule

2018 SC-USA Wrestling schedule is now posted. It includes Local, Regional and National Events to include World Team Trials (WTT).

Please check it out frequently, there is a possibility that some locations may change, for example from the High School to a Middle School or to another location nearby. Also, some more tournaments maybe added.

Fairfield Central   has change location from the High School to the Middle School.

Irmo  has also changed from the HIgh School to the Middle School.

Click on the schedule to see the actual schedule.

****Schedule Change***

Dutch Fork will not be able to host a tournament on March 31,  This date is now open again and is available for another school to host. If you are interested in this date please contact James Driscoll or Ron Donlick.

Thank you for your understanding

"What Wrestling has done for my boys"

James and Jackson Dean

James and Jackson Dean

Below is an email that I received earlier today. Jimmy Dean is, like most of us, a very proud dad of his children wrestling. He tells a story which I for one can appreciate and other parents with children with differences, some with mental or physical disorders as well as other with diseases. Here is his story.
Mr Delgado,
    I was spending some time on the South Carolina USA Wrestling site and came across your contact information at the bottom of the home page. I'm not sure if this is the type of information/ story you are looking for to put on the page, however I thought it would be worth forwarding you some information about my two sons. This is their first year in the sport and they are both loving it....from practice to scrimmages to tournaments they are hooked! As a parent and wrestler still at heart myself, I have enjoyed every moment probably as much or more than they have and my wife jumped on board the wrestling parent train and often seems to be the most into it! 
    My youngest son, Jackson Dean, has competed his first season in the 6U age group. Ive had the pleasure of watching him grow from the kid who was scared to let anyone seem him in his singlet into a wrestler who is consistently ask for more matches! As with most wrestlers new to the sport the learning curve for him was steep and fast paced. His positive attitude, hard work and willingness to remove the word "cant" from his wrestling vocabulary allowed him to catch on quickly. While wins/ loses and tournament placements have not been a topic of conversation with Jackson, I am very proud to say he earned 5th place and All American status at Dixie Nationals, won the 6U 52 pound state championship and was named "Palmetto's Finest" for ranking in the top 10 of his age group this year.
    Our oldest son, James Dean, was able to compete in the 10U age group this season. James has always been very competitive and one of the most self driven kids Ive seen in sports. Wrestling has been a new challenge and all together a different beast for James due to the fact he has Cerebral Palsy. Some "normal" movements that many of us take for granted are difficult for James and in some cases impossible at this point. James currently has limited strength and movement with his right arm/ hand and his balance is affected as well. With wrestling being such a physically demanding sport that taxes your entire body there were concerns. Many would see this as an obstacle not worth taking on, however James wanted to wrestle more than anyone else in the family! One of the most positive things James learned over the season was that the sport is not all about wins and losses. He learned that challenging himself to do his best and true sportsmanship are some of the most positive things to take away. His natural positive attitude and never give up drive earned him more new friends than I can count and the respect of many coaches throughout the season.  
 I have attached several photos of James and Jackson. Hopefully this is along the lines of what you were looking for. Either way as a parent I could not have asked for anything more from their first year in the sport. James and Jackson were both equally successful this season in my opinion, just in ways that were personally rewarding in a way that each could personally appreciate (and anyone watching!).
Jimmy Dean
Thank you Jimmy for your great article. If you have a story you would like to see on this website please email Robert Delgado

National Teams

We are working on getting our National Teams Trip packages together. Major Changes are:

  1. Deposits are of $250 due on or before the West Oak HS Tournament on April 7.
  2. Cadet Dual Team will participate in the East Coast Duals in Pasadena, MD. The National Cadet Duals has been move to Spokane, WA. Now is not cost effective.
  3. Junior Duals in Tulsa, OK will consist of two (2) teams, one men and one women.
  4. If you do a SC-USAW Dual Team you will get a $200 discount on the Fargo trip.

Registration on FloArena

The 2018 season we are transitioning  from Trackwrestling to FloArena. Registering and running our freestyle and greco-roman tournaments will be only on FLO Wrestling.


New Archives Page for the our website

If you missed an article that was posted on our website, please check out our new archives "SC USAW Article Archives". This page was recently created so we lost some earlier articles, now we are moving stories from the home page to the archives. This way you can still visit stories you may have missed.

New Coaches Director goes to College

SC USAW Coaches Director Marquis Camp went to Silver College from 12-15 of October at the US Olympic training Center. During the September 30 meeting Coach Camp from Westside High School was elected to be the Coaches Director. State Chairman Ron Donlick called to see if we could get a seat in Silver College for Marquis and was informed that he would be put on a waiting list to see if any openings came up. Wednesday October 11 USAW Coaches Education Director Mark Clayton called Ron Donlick, then the circus began with more people jumping through hoops than Ringling Brothers.  Like that Marquis was off to Colorado Springs where he had a great time learning and networking. Please ask Coach Camp about his time there he will love to tell you about it.

SC USAW National Team Interest Form

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Stories of Interest

SC Wrestling would love to hear about any South Carolina Wrestler (Current or Former) in any style. If you have a story or an accomplishment and would like it posted on this website. Please email Robert Delgado at use the subject Story for South Carolina Wrestling then send me your story along with pics. I will do my best to get it on the page.

Thank you for your help.

Robert Delgado

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