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National Team Fundraisers

If you are wanting to participate on any of our National Teams and want or need to raise funds to travel, here are a couple of solutions for you.

  1. Raffle Ticket sales - SC-USAW holds a raffle on May 1st and again on October 1st. The winner will get $300! The tickets are good for both the May 1st and the October 1st drawing. When you sell a ticket after May 1st then it is only good for October 1st and not the next May. When you sell a ticket after October 1st then it is good for the next May and October. How the Raffle works - You purchase 4 books of  10 tickets each for $40. Then you sell the tickets to reimburse yourself. Now, You get credit for $20 and $20 goes to the award money pot. You get 100% credit after your initial $40 donation. So, if you get $200 worth of tickets you will get credit for $180. You can sell tickets YEAR AROUND!  This way you can start saving for next seasons trips.
  2. Donation Letters - You can receive a donation letter stating that you are on the SC-USAW National Team. You can use this letter to collect donations from businesses. If a business decides to make a large donation and needs a Tax-id please let me know and we will get them the information need for the tax write-off. If you collect $25 from 10 businesses that is $250 towards your trip. We have had some wrestlers pay for the whole trip this way.
  3. Fireworks Stand - SC-USA Wrestling runs a fireworks stand for the 4th of July holiday. The stand runs for about 2 weeks. A wrestlers family can sign up for a day to run the stand. The wrestler will get credit for 1 day of sales.

Please contact Robert Delgado for information on any of the above fundraiser via email

Fireworks fundraiser location is moving

For the last two 4th of July holidays SC-USA Wrestling has had a Fireworks stand in Simpsonville to help raise money for wrestlers going to Fargo or Kids Nationals. This stand has raised over $2000 each year we have had it. Now due to Walmart's new pick up service, we are no longer allowed to use the Walmart on HWY 14 in Simpsonville. Thanks to Helen, our TNT representative, hard work ;we now have a new location. This time we will be in Greenville.

The new location is in Haywood Plaza on 30 Orchard Park Rd. Take I-385 to the Haywood Road Exit (Exit 39) and turn away from the Mall. The Plaza is on the right across the street from the Hilton Hotel.

There are some big advantages to this move. First, we will be able to use the temporary signage that TNT provides, Simpsonville does not the usage allow temporary signage. Secondly and most importantly there will be, more automotive traffic than in Simpsonville. Hopefully this will turn into more sales.

Wrestlers and their families can sign up to work 1 day at the Fireworks Stand.  Athletes must be !6 years old to sell fireworks. We will provide training. When all sales are complete after July 6th and we figure out how much was made, Then we will divide the proceeds by 14 days.  Each wrestler will receive the daily amount for the days worked. Parents can earn credit for their athlete especially those under 16 years old. We will have a schedule for everyone to sign up to work 1 day. If days are still left open then families can sign up for an additional day. You will need a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 workers in the stand at one time. On June 25th, the day of setup and July 6th, the day of  takedown, we will need 4 volunteers.

In the past we have had athletes from Walhalla to Rock Hill participate and down to Walterboro. The stand will be open from June 25th through July 6th. Hours will be from 10 am to about 10 pm each day or until the last customer is served.  Please contact Robert Delgado via email with any questions or if you are wanting to participate .  When you volunteer the dates and times will be posted on this websites calendar.

Triple Crown Winners

Karleigh Langley with her Triple Crown Trophy

I like to congratulate the Triple Crown Winners and the State Championship Freestyle and Greco Belts. The below list are those who won both. To be eligible to win the Triple Crown wrestlers had to win Folkstyle State back on March 16th at Fort Mill HS and Freestyle and Greco at White Knoll HS on June 1st.  We had 60+ wrestlers in the running for the triple crown after Folkstyle. 23 registered to be eligible going into Greco. The completion of Greco left 18 in the running. We had actual 17 winners when it was all said and done.

Triple Crown Trophy and Belt Winners

  1. Trent Burdette
  2. Blake Chandler
  3. Jackson Chavis
  4. Zachary Chrobocinski
  5. Mark Evans
  6. Parker Garner
  7. Ethan Harris
  8. Nathan Harris
  9. Justin Hayes
  10.  Ethan Hogue
  11. Michael "Caleb" Holcombe
  12. Karleigh Langley
  13. Austin Lippincott
  14. William Payne
  15. Ethan Powell
  16. Jackson "luke" Rumfelt
  17. Matteo Vargp

National Teams Tab

Just added a National Team Tab on this website. You can now:

  1. Register for the National Teams that you want to participate.
  2. Pay for the National Team.
  3. Order and Pay for your Clothing Package

All from our new National Team Tab. Check it out for information and deadlines, cost and other information. If you have any questions please contact Robert Delgado via email at

SC-USA Wrestling has established SRTCs.

SC-USAW is excited to announce the establishment of State Regional Training Centers (SRTC). Four local colleges have stepped up to support SC-USAW in our goals of developing more All-Americans and National Champions by becoming SRTCs. Hopefully, we will be able to bring on one or two more in the future to have better State coverage. Any athlete that wants to train at one of these facilities must have a USA Wrestling Membership Card. You will be able to train in all three styles of wrestling at any of the SRTCs. The purpose of the Training Centers is to supplement your training at your school/club in addition to hosting camps and clinics. These Centers are available to both boys and girls of any age. Please contact the center that you want to train with about dates and times. The State Regional Training Centers and the Coach in Charge are listed below:

Charleston SRTC - Cody Cleveland (The Citadel Assistant Wrestling Coach)

Coker SRTC - Derek Nelson (Head Wrestling Coach)

Limestone SRTC - Kelly Revelles (Head Wrestling Coach) or Brandy Green (Women's Wrestling Coach)

Presbyterian SRTC - Mark Cody (Director of Wrestling Ops)

These SRTCs have the full support of SC-USA Wrestling and we encourage all athletes to take advantage of this opportunity.


2019 SC-USAW State Meeting Scheduled

A State meeting has been scheduled to vote on ByLaws and for elections Sunday, October 6th, 2019 from 2pm to 4pm. It will be held at the Main Library on Assembly Street in Columbia. No snacks or lunch the meeting.

Richland Library Main, 1431 Assembly Street, Columbia, SC 29201


Archives Page for the our website

If you missed an article that was posted on our website, please check out our new archives "SC USAW Article Archives". This page was recently created so we lost some earlier articles, now we are moving stories from the home page to the archives. This way you can still visit stories you may have missed.

The Archives is under the "News" Tab.

The Registration "Home of South Carolina USA Wrestling" is not currently available.

SC USAW National Team Interest Form

SC USAW Volunteer Interest Form


Stories of Interest

SC Wrestling would love to hear about any South Carolina Wrestler (Current or Former) in any style. If you have a story or an accomplishment and would like it posted on this website. Please email Robert Delgado at use the subject Story for South Carolina Wrestling then send me your story along with pics. I will do my best to get it on the page.

Thank you for your help.

Robert Delgado